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SHINee wrote a letter to a fan who passed away due to the Sewol ferry disaster. A mother who was interviewed for a Sewol documentary asked the PD if he could get her SHINee’s autograph, because she found a box full of SHINee related items while packing her daughter’s room. It’s one week to her daughter’s birthday, and she wanted to do something for her. So the PD got SHINee’s autograph, but to his surprise, SHINee even wrote a letter along with it.

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DADDY JINKI’S CHEEKS IS BACK!!! Omg he look so healthy ;;;;;;; shawols missed you so bad


i just said hi to someone and they didn’t hear me i’m never trying that again



There’s a high possibility that Shawols who joined the fandom later haven’t seen this yet. And they should, because this is freaking awesome

i luuuuurve this…i cant get over how different their voices sound in this style….and onew omg its weird hearing him sing like this heeh so cute

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